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Hey there, Brittney here.

For starters, I feel like I should admit that I’m not actually Batman.

I bought that t-shirt at a consignment store. It’s nice of Mr. Wayne to donate his old stuff so us non-billionaires can have a little piece of that badassary for ourselves.

I’m actually a chick from the Bluegrass State who’s looking to making a living doing what I love.

Poke around here a bit and check out the gallery and my airchecks. My resume is around here somewhere, too. Sadly it only lists my entertainment experience, so you’ll have to live without knowing¬†exactly how long I worked at the Bubba Gump Shrimp on Navy Pier or how many pairs of overpriced underwear I folded at Victoria’s Secret.

There’s also a handy-dandy bio where you can read all about my really important life goals and interests. (I’m having a hard time typing that with a straight face. I promise you there at least aren’t any corny Batman jokes in the bio.)

If you’re interested in working with me I would be thrilled to hear from you.


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