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My name is Brittney and I am a born and raised Kentuckian with a passion for entertainment.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media (Radio/TV) from Murray State University, and since graduation I have worked in local radio, hosting shows over a variety of formats. I also have experience in board operating and radio commercial production and have dabbled in modeling.

Now I am branching out into the wonderful world of voiceover, television, and film, and I’m excited to work toward the next phase of my professional life.

Outside of the professional world I’m a nerd at heart. I love all things Joss Whedon, bad zombie movies, and staying up too late reading. I write short stories in my spare time, in addition to working on the screenplay I’ve been writing, deleting, and rewriting for the last two years.

I also love going to the gym and can talk Kentucky basketball with the best of ’em.

My big ‘television debut’ was during the Murray State vs. Vanderbilt game of the 2010 NCAA tournament. I got a solid few seconds in all of my dorky, nearly crying, obnoxiously clothed, pep band glory on screen right before the final play. If nothing else, it makes for a hilarious profile picture during March Madness every year:

Ooooooone shiiiiiiining mooooooment...

Ooooooone shiiiiiiining mooooooment…











We won that game, by the way.

I play the flute, piccolo, and piano and am a proud alumnae of Sigma Alpha Iota Women’s Music Fraternity.

Before I die I want to meet Stephen Colbert, overcome my fear of karaoke, and keep a plant alive for more than a week.


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